The Art of Self-Discipline

As I have now mentioned numerous time (and will likely mention again… that is what I do), I do not enjoy writing. One of those reasons is that I have a hard time of coming up with things to write about. Because of this, I started to keep a task list of different blog titles and what to write about. Today’s blog post, for the last month was actually geared to be written as part of the “Self-Improvement series” articles I have written in the past (and will write about again in the future).

I wanted to write about Self-Discipline, my struggles with this and what I am doing to work on it. However, a couple weeks ago, I was speaking with my therapist about this and she helped me really see this differently. For as long as I can remember, I have always felt that I have struggled with self-discipline (as I am sure many of you have as well). I feel that far too often I start something and never finish. In all honesty, I am surprised I am still writing blog posts!! Far too often I will do things such as starting a new gym routine, or eating healthier or reading more books…. and then after a week, a month or maybe a year, I slip up and find myself back exactly where I started.

Now in reality, this is something I still need to work on, so it does fit in line with my self-improvement process. However, I have come to learn I am not as big a failure at this as I originally thought. As it turns out, this is common. Extremely common. The problem is not that I lack self-discipline. In reality, the fact I am attempting these things shows the drive and determination needed to have self-discipline. My problem is that I am attempting to do something, that I do not generally like, alone. If I was extremely happy and loved what I was doing, the motivation to do this would be easier. I love going to the gym for example, however after a period of time, the routine gets boring and I no longer enjoy it and I find it harder to go. Eating healthy is easy at first because I feel better and see results, however I am such a picky eater I end up craving some sweets, and before I know it, I have consumed 4 Cinnabon’s in 3 days.

In speaking with my therapist, the secret I have discovered to this, is that failure rate when going about these things alone, is much higher than when you do these things with others. I.e. if you are having trouble going to the gym, get a gym partner? Not eating well? Get a friend to eat well with you. Do not enjoy writing or journaling? Come up with a good topic about something you are passionate about and start a blog. A blog that others are reading and keep you accountable for continuing to write. For me, I feel as if I am letting my readers (the handful of you who keep coming back) down.

So the truth is, I do not necessarily lack self-discipline. I lack the support to do a lot of what is needed of me. For years I have been unhappy with my job and my motivation to stay has always been to support my family. But that in itself has caused problems. My wife has always supported me going back to school, but that is now just becoming a reality. And with her support, and the support of the rest of my family, and my drive to help others and be happy, is all the self-discipline I need to better my life.

Do you struggle with Self-Discipline? What are some of your secrets to staying on track? Please share your secrets below, or any other comments you may have!

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11 thoughts on “The Art of Self-Discipline

  1. Oh wow! First, I want to thank you for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it. I identify with you on this post. The gym bit, eating health etc is all so true. Like your post points out, self-discipline is not a lone street, we need a support system to stay on track. Another thing I find useful is being accountable, letting others hold us accountable. For example, in a way our readers hold us accountable, when there’s no post we feel we’re letting them down. So we keep coming up with something to write about and that helps us stay on track. Thank you very much for your transparency! All the best! Stay blessed!

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  2. I believe some of us are self-motivated and others need the push of friends, family, and partners. I learned discipline at a young age through dance and physical fitness and it has carried over to every aspect of my life. I wonder if it’s innate or something learned early in life. Either way, it takes persistence, and as you stated, support of others.

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    • It would be fun to research this to see if this is something we are born with or learn over time. I was a competitive/collegiate swimmer and it took a lot of dedication and hard work. However near the end I lost a lot of love and motivation for it and it was very hard to keep up with. Support of others got me through to a point, but when I no longer wanted it, it ended. So perhaps it is a little of both, but a very interesting concept to think about!

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  3. I am currently on day 6 of no cigarettes and really struggled tonight with cravings. I have replaced the cigarettes with chewing gum, just to keep me occupied. Often I find habits and lack of self discipline comes in times of negative emotion and boredom. I find getting outdoors, thinking for a while, doing exercise and pampering does help me to calm my brain and focus on my inner strength so I can stay strong. I hope this helps also.
    Your post has been really helpful to me!
    I look forward to more x

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