School is Underway and My Schedule is Crazy!

I am finishing up my 2nd week of school and I have to say, life has gotten CRAZY! The first week of school, I was only attending one class (and by attending it is all online). This was a good entry for me as I was working on getting all of my classwork done while I also kept up with my job, and also making time for my kids at home. For this first week, I was not able to attend the gym as I still was not too sure how to balance my life.

This week, I unfortunately received an email from my second professor that my other class, Abnormal Psychology, had already started and I missed my first assignment. How could this be? I have been logging in weekly to check for updates as well as monitoring my email and I saw nothing… oh well. I was not dropped and I missed my first assignment (which was an introduction of myself) and missed out on 10 points. I should have been better about checking or perhaps sent out a n email to inquire when the class actually began. I have already started the homework for this week, and I was not dropped, so I should be fine. This was in line with the rest of my week however, as it was just crazy and hectic.

Wanting to start getting a better routine and schedule together, I opted to start going back to the gym this week as well, as I needed an outlet for stress release. This means either my mornings or late evenings are spent at the gym, the core of my day is at the office, and then at night I come home to spend time with my kids, put them to bed and then either do homework or go to the gym (if I had not gone in the morning). This doesn’t include time for me to go to therapy, chiropractor, or time for leisurely activities such as reading or watching some TV to relax, or time to deal with personal issues. As class picks up, I am sure I will have some weeks where I am overloaded and extremely busy and my anxiety soars through the roof. However, I am determined to get myself into a better routine and it will make it all easier. I just have to keep reminding myself why I am doing this ๐Ÿ™‚ !

What are some of your methods when you dont feel you have time to breathe? Share your tips and tricks below, or let me know how crazy your schedule is!

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14 thoughts on “School is Underway and My Schedule is Crazy!

  1. Breathe!!! I believe you have to make time for yourself in your busy schedule. I’m a fitness enthusiast and try to put an hour aside each day for me, myself and I. After all, if you don’t have your health you’re not going to accomplish all your wonderful goals. I make it a practice to put in a good run at same time every morning before I begin my day, and mix it up with yoga and pilates throughout the week. When I’m busy and stressed, I stop, recalibrate, take deep breaths and relax with a cup of tea. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. When my schedule is super busy and I cannot breathe then I leave my house and walk out in nature. Sometimes I go to the water. It instantly calms me. I hope you get to rest and breathe deeply soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Find a book that you absolutely positively are dying to read. One that will bring you satisfaction. Sometimes I make a list of things that are on my mind, then throw it away, especially if they’re out of my control. No sense in them taking up space in your head when you’re stressed or bogged down! Also, hunkering down at a library is peaceful! Good luck!

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