Finding Time to Enjoy Life

Two weeks ago (in my last post), I explained my absence from blogging, citing life had been busy and I also had no idea what to write about. Well not much has changed since then. Life is still extremely busy, and finding things to write about is hard for me… so I figured I may as well just update all of you with what it is I have been doing with my time.

My time has been very limited lately, as I work full time for a software/tech company, I am a dad to two amazing children, I am a devoted husband and I am now also a part time student. This does not leave a lot of room for anything else. Although while I do not have much extra time on my hands, I have been very focused on enjoying that time. Far too often in my life I have spent my extra time doing any number of things, but often I would spend it doing yard work or just laying around, napping and watching TV/ And while napping and watching TV are VERY needed at times, I am trying to spend more time doing things that make me happy. I now pay someone to do most of my yard work, which frees up a lot of time (although I still enjoy doing some of it). I also try to get my gym works outs in before work while everyone in my house is still asleep. Why waste time when everyone else is awake when I could be spending time with them?

Time management has become extremely crucial to me these days. Whether it is going to the gym early in the morning or studying for a test after everyone has gone to sleep, everything I am doing these days is all about maximizing my time, building relationships and enjoying my time with those I love. My wife and I had gone through a bit of a rough patch recently, and we have been working very hard lately to mend fences and improve our relationship. I have also been working on my relationship with my kids. It was a strong relationship before, but I am trying to be as cognizant as possible about what I say and do around them, as I know everything can affect their lives in one way or another. But above all else, I am just trying to enjoy all of my spare time as much as I can. Games with my kids, a good TV show now and then, and a good date night with my wife every couple of weeks at a minimum (last week we went and saw “IT” in the theaters. I am not normally into those types of movies, but it was a fun movie, and definitely super creepy).

Life is flying by and its a waste to spend it doing things that do not make you happy. My wife makes me happy. My kids make me happy. Doing things I enjoy make me happy… so I have spent my time with them, doing the things that make us happy.

What makes you happy? What sorts of things do you enjoy doing? Share your thoughts or comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Finding Time to Enjoy Life

  1. As we age, I feel like time management becomes more and more crucial. We have less time for the things we want/need to do and have to start scheduling our lives. I’m definitely starting to feel it now that I’m graduated and working full time. I love working on the blog, but unfortunately work pays the bills and blogging as to be prioritized last.


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  2. I think it’s great you are taking a step back to reassess what is going on in your life and what to CHOOSE to take your time doing. It’s a choice – most people don’t even see that so you’re already taking steps there xx I like to spend my time writing, going for walks and talking with friends/family. You are blessed with your family ❤

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  3. I’ve been learning about time blocking and it’s been incredibly helpful with my time management. I agree with the poster that talks about how much more time and use of it means the older we get. It gets a lot more weight. Super proud of your focus that the time you do experience is spent in what makes you happier. Learning to let go of things in our lives that do not fulfill us should be looked at as time wasters. It’s hard to let go of what we accumulate and prioritize in our heads. Thanks for the post and your incredible transparency. It’s real and authentic. Books can’t teach you that. That only comes from life lessons learned and unlearned.

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    • Thank you so much for the comments! I agree it is so hard to let go of everything that does not make you happy, especially if you have been holding on to things for a long time. Time blocking can definitely be very effective too, glad to hear you are finding value there!

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  4. My biggest challenge is finding time to do things for me. Once I have everyone else taken care of, I’m tired and I collapse into bed or in front of the tv and then I end up regretting not using that time to do something more fulfilling. I guess we’re all finding our balance.

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    • Ya that one is always difficult. There is a great saying that says to pour for yourself first, because you cannot pour from an empty cup. Meaning if you always take care of everyone else, you will be wiped out and no longer able to help. Find some time for yourself to recharge and you will ultimately be able to help others far more

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