Yesterday’s Therapy and Knowing My Path

At this point, it is no secret that I see a therapist. I have shared this before and I am not ashamed. I started seeing her at the end of last year to help me with some personal characteristics, my anxiety and anger as well as help me through some difficult times. Although things are going much better in my life I still try to see her weekly, to help with my anxiety and help keep me focused on how to get more out of my life. Yesterday was an exceptional day.

Lately things have been going really well in my life, but occasionally things come up that are hard to not focus on and anxiety can skyrocket. There was something I had had on my mind lately I was not too sure how to approach it. in my mind, it was a big deal and a huge hurdle. I was not too sure how to get past it and I needed help. My therapist didn’t even bat an eye. She helped me see this from a different point of view and took all of the “urgency” out of the problem. In reality, it was not a problem at all, and just something I had built up in my head. It is so refreshing to be able to speak to someone who helps me through this and teaches me how to view things in life differently. it truly is a game changer.

After my therapist and myself had talked about my life, marriage, work, and kids, the session was pretty much over. However, we went a little long, as we got caught up in conversation. She asked me about school and how it was going and I shared how exciting I was finding it. I have been doing really well in both of my classes and have been finding the content interesting. The hard part of doing my classes online, is that I do not get to engage in conversation as often with people about the content, but with her I could! We talked a few of the topics I had enjoyed and I was just finding it so interesting, especially when she shared info about her experiences working with people in such situations.  Through this conversation, I felt more at ease with my decision to go back to school and go after this different career. I not only enjoyed my conversation, I loved it. I loved the topic and hearing her discuss how she has worked with people. I wish I had done this earlier in life… but its never too late to go after what you want!

What value do you get out of therapy? I would love to hear some stories from others and what value you see, so if you would like, please share below!

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9 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Therapy and Knowing My Path

  1. Therapy was SO valuable for me! I liked having someone objective to tell my thoughts too who I didn’t think was just being nice in their feedback as they were a family member or friend. I’m glad you had a good session 🙂

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  2. Honestly I love that I can talk about anyone I know and it’s not considered gossiping. You never have to worry that what you said will leave the room and someone will end up with hurt feelings. Mostly though I love the wisdom and input of a none biased person. Glad you have a therapist you connect with🌸

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  3. Admittedly I had/have my ‘reluctance’ of therapists, but as I’ve ‘aged’ (lol) I realize that my reluctance was of what I had seen on either TV/movies and/or of the few that I met (and also went to). Now though, I find that a GOOD therapist/counselor and unbiased individual IS what most of us need. When I read your post I also noted that you ‘spoke’ with your own honesty and assurance – either from what this wonderful person has offered you or of what you are learning to give to yourself. AND, the comments above are also a great insight into therapy of our blogs…

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    • Yes I was always reluctant to go myself. And truth be told, there have been times when I wanted to censor myself so I didn’t sound like a bad person. But in order to get help, I realized I have to be as open and honest as possible, and KNOW that my therapist will not judge me. With that, I have found trust and assistance from them

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  4. Getting some therapy was one of the best things I have ever done. it really helped with my anxiety and low self-esteem. I am much more confident and happy now – I wish I had started years ago. I am glad it is helping you too.

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